Press: The Star, 19th August 2012

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Bye to generic weddings
Company prides itself in making big day of clients a truly memorable one

Weddings are a turning point in one’s life. It is a symbolic and sacred act that many couples will want to cherish for the rest of their days. However, having that dream wedding can give the bride and groom a real headache without the right preparation and coordination.

That is where wedding planners come in. Here in the city, the specialist is Weddings by Events Horizon, whose product and services have become a trend.

Weddings by Events Horizon first took off in January 2012 when its first clients gave it full control of planning and coordinating their special day. Since then Weddings by Events Horizon has not looked back.

“We’re in the business of making our clients’ weddings and other events as successful as possible, tailored to suit their individual needs with minimal hassle.” said the company’s event and wedding producer Adeline Ho.

“Usually, couples will enlist the help of their friends or family members to help them with their wedding preparations, hire a venue coordinator or even try to do everything themselves. The thing is, you don’t actually want your family and friends running around trying to organize everything for you on your big day. You want them to sit back and relax, enjoy the atmosphere and take part in the celebrations without having to worry about this or that.

“The same goes for the couple. Why stress yourself out during your own wedding when you can have someone plan everything for you?

“And no, a venue coordinator isn’t a wedding planner, he is there just to take care of the venue, not your entire wedding,” she explained.

Weddings by Events Horizon’s small, dedicated and experienced team of individuals specialize in theme conceptualizing, assisting with selection and booking of ceremony and reception venues, finding and negotiating with suitable vendors, decoration, wedding logistics and on-site coordination, just to name a few.

“We will customize our packages and services to accommodate the couple’s budget and needs, first by helping them visualize their ideal wedding setup, searching for vendors such as florists, entertainers, photographers and videographers, creating a timeline, having a full rehearsal and finally moving on to the big day itself.” said Ho.

Since its conception, the team has carried out numerous successfully planned weddings, including beach themed weddings and the more exotic Arabian and Oriental themed ones.

Its past clients have also vouched for its services with glowing testimonials.

“We like how Weddings by Events Horizon handled things so professionally for us. We feel that the team was very helpful, wam and understanding to our needs and demands, especially me, the bride, who was super anxious during the entire process. The team really made our dream wedding come true.” wrote newlyweds Chi Yen and Yi Fang.

“Obviously, we put a lot of emphasis on our clients. We like to get on a more personal level with them and having a thorough understanding exactly what the couple want and making it theirs in every way, instead of having a generic kind of wedding,” enthused Ho.

“Just knowing that at the end of the day, no matter how worn out we all are, being able to transform someone’s dream into a reality makes our job extremely satisfying,” she smile.

For more information or enquiries, visit the company’s website at or call 012 808 5234 or send emails to


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