Magazine: Brides’ Wedding Drama

When William proposed, he did it very romantically – with roses, down on his knee, declaring how much he loves Ann, and what she meant to him (every girl’s dream isn’t it?). When Ann opened the ring box, her heart drop – not because of the diamond’s size, but glaring back at her – was the MOST hideous looking ring.

William then goes on-and-on – about the ring transcendent from his great-great-great-great grandmother, carrying over many generations and countries, and how it is always passed on the first born of the family. He then stressed, how important the ring is as a family heirloom, and how happy his mum and grandmother would be should she to carry on the tradition.

Ann’s loves for William, and her excitement of spending the rest of her life with William bores beyond just the ring, so she said “Yes!”. Now with “something-old”, that perhaps too old, is giving her the creeps even to wear it. What can she do? The ring obviously is something William & his family is proud of.

Hideous as the ring may be, it is still a family’s tradition and it’s advisable to respect that. Since it is an engagement ring, Ann can still choose the wedding she likes to wear. Since it is a family heirloom, it’s best to have it kept safe and sound, says Adeline of Weddings by Events Horizon.

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