Summer Wedding

Still in time for summer!
Are you ready for a summer wedding?


This month we are inspired by the bright colors of summer & would love to share with you a blue, orange & fuchsia color-themed wedding we did with the tremendous kind help of our wonderful vendors and of course million thanks to Simplicious Restaurant & Lounge for providing us such fine venue. Apart from just open for casual dining with friends or families, this western restaurant can also cater for functions and it is perfect for couples who are looking for a small & cozy reception venue.

Highlights: crepe flowers, customized paper fan cum menu, bride & groom chairs silhouettes, organza balls etc. Our favorite of the day are the tier cakes and Appetit from Hills knows just exactly how & what to bake to pull that heartstrings of yours.


We intend to keep this as a monthly or weekly (if possible) project so we could keep showcasing & providing you inspiration for your entertainment & celebration. So do shower us with love & feedbacks, we love receiving them & would take each and every one constructively. Let’s stay inspired & entertained together!



Venue: Simplicious Restaurant & Lounge
Photography: Andy Phe Photography
Styling & concept: Weddings by Events Horizon
Decor & props: Events Horizon
Printables & designs: Events Horizon
Cakes, cupcakes & sweets: Appetit 
Flowers: Pretty Petals